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Our Safari tents are unique, derived from the traditional safari tent. With intelligence in design, a luxury option while keeping the environment in mind.

Durable and Nature proof that is visually appealing, let your imagination run wild!
Livable tents in luxury built on a strong tent platform Boston Massachusetts
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a Live-in Tent can have all the luxury you need in Daytona FloridaHandcrafted Luxury Safari tents - Luxury Tent Manufacturer and delivery worlwideWorld Leading Luxury Range of Glamping tentsLuxury Safari tents and being close to nature is a trend here to stayOff grid Luxury safari tent designs include eco friendly consideration
An insulted safari tent is Luxury close to nature all year round in Nashua New Hampshire

How much do Safari Tents cost?

Our tents are handcrafted. There is so much choice when considering our product range. To properly know the cost we need as much information about the project.

Firstly we need to determine the tent size. The sizes of our tents can differ considerably. We have from compact off-grid options right up to large lodge options. Location and weather patterns are important too when determining the costs.

Thanks to our customization and due diligence. Your safari tent will be a great investment. Sleep easy in one of your canvas tent beds.
Luxury Safari tent can be a large as you want it to be and we can help with all the trimmings

Does building a safari tent need planning permission?

Advice is where our range of products along with our services shine through. We have been working with tent products for over 22 years. So our real experience when talking with you is to your benefit. We can help you research if your project will need extensive planning permission.

Planning and getting along with local authorities

Planning and getting along with local authorities is different from country to country. We will need to consider a change of use for land as some of our projects is on agricultural land.
Global Luxury Safari tent designed and built
A luxury safari Tent lets nature in. Build your canvas tent almost anywhere in the world

Planning and getting along with neighbours

Things to consider include colour, some establishments have colour rules. The impact of a structure, we make it as unintrusive as possible. Neighbours, talk with them to see if there might be any objections. Consider your toilet and bathroom. Will, your project be off-grid or connect to a local municipality?

Luxury Safari Tents

We focus on superb Ultra-Luxury Canvas Safari Tents, Cottage Tents, Eco-Lodges and Resort Tents.
Luxury and Glamping Tents handcrafted to make a lagoon lodge

How long does a glamping or safari tent last?

Depending on the elements, area and Project details we can tell the longevity, of your safari tent. With great maintenance, the frames can last as long as twenty years. Entry-level canvas can last ten years. We always tell you to upgrade your canvas, especially for semi-permanent projects.
Luxury Tent Houses will include a bedroom in Lowell Massachusetts

Where can I buy glamping safari tents?

We are a specialized safari tent company that focuses on customized design. Our Tents can be shipped and set up almost anywhere in the world. We are happy to discuss our glamping tents, safari tents, Lodge tents and AirBNB Tents range with you. Luxury camping and glamping were just upgraded.

Tent features

Traditionally a safari tent must survive tough environments. Peace of mind with our secure and element handling features is a given. With project customization, you are sure to have a memorable living experience. Enjoyable interiors while being close to nature are the norm. People often ask us about Running water and long-lasting materials. No worries as we incorporate this with every project as a given tent feature.
Luxury Safari tents designed to last and impress - lagoon safari tents
a Live-in Tent can have all the luxury you need in Daytona Florida

Interior Benefits

All the home from home luxury and maybe a little more as you want it. Fully equipped accommodation for you or your guests. Each project gives you an interior design choice. We can assist to make the tent living experience as comfortable as needed. Imagine what your guests would like. Perhaps your Safari tent purpose is for a family that will need more beds and extra space. Or perhaps your safari tent is aimed at a honeymoon couple who would like an option with some privacy. We have built both before.
A Long Term Tent or tent house is built strong in Clearwater Florida

A Classic safari tent

For people who want a true classic equipped with modern gadgets and comfortable beds. We freshened the 'Classic Safari Glamping Tent" up and made a luxury furnished tent, easy to ship and set up - worldwide. Minimum standard features include a private bathroom, shower, Toilet, bedroom, beds, kitchen, windows, doors, roof and lighting. It has everything including running water. We make them to your specifications.

Things to consider in your tent layout

Once we know the site and platform size for design purposes, we can work on the layout. Add sections like a bedroom or extra beds, comfort family room and bathrooms. Consider a terrace, a life-style open space with a Jacuzzi. It is important to think about unique flooring, extra doors and insulated canvas walls and roof. Some simple tent upgrades will include extra canvas walls and windows. Or perhaps you would like a more Glamping option. Lots to think about.
Luxury Safari tents and being close to nature is a trend here to stay

What about Safari and glamping tents fire retardant?

It is important to meet standards, especially in the Glamping world. Our fire retardant specifications meet CPAI-84 (California Industrial Fabrics Association), NFPA701 (American National Fire Protection) and BS7837 (British Standard).
Luxury Safari Tents can be built anywhere in the world and often bring you closer to nature

A safari tent to suit you?

What does your dream safari tent, luxury tent, Glamping tent or Lodge look like? With our worldwide experience and many tents for many purposes, we can make that dream a reality.

Luxury Safari Tent

From the vision to fully furnished Luxury Safari Tents. For investments into lodges, Airbnb, holiday tent houses and resort set up.