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We supply a fully furnished Luxury Safari Tent

Based on actual experience of living year round in a Safari tent our canvas safari tents are unique and like no other. High-caliber design and construction make for a visually appealing, durable and nature proof safari tent.
Let us build you a tent that will at first sight with feed your figment and artistry.
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Dedicated to innovation and Luxury Canvas Safari TentsLuxury Safari tent can be a large as you want it to be and we can help with all the trimmingsSuperior Safari Tent features allows you to live in a tent all year round in Lakeland Florida
Global Luxury Safari tent designed and built
When designing and building we always use PVC that is UV, Fire, and eater resistant

Luxury Safari Tent Features

When we think of a Safari Tent things like tough environment, survival and nature come to mind. That is why Safari Tent materials and features must give us peace of mind. With much of the Luxury Tents range customizable there are some high standards and features that we do not waver.
Luxury Tent Houses will include a bedroom in Lowell Massachusetts
Built with wind resistance, rainfall and humidity (mold) in mind

Safari Tent interior features

Interior comforts enhance luxury just like a home or tent house. Completely equipped Safari Tents with some interior design work allow for a top level comfort tent. Ask us about water resistant vinyl flooring for your fully equipped kitchen. Options for king size beds and fully equipped bathrooms are available. Take it a step further and find out how we can take your Safari tent off-grid and go green.

Luxury Safari Tent

From the vision to fully furnished Luxury Safari Tents. For investments into lodges, Airbnb, holiday tent houses and resort set up.