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We engage as if you are family. Your Safari Tent starts with a talk about your dream design. We take care of the realization. Then comes direct delivery and set up.
Get closer to nature - enjoy the luxury of a lodge - spend more time with your family - your off grid Eco-friendly Safari Tent.
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Airbnb Tent house with jacuzzi in the front designed fully furnished set up and handed overTents to live in permanently can include a kitchen in Billerica MassachusettsLivable Safari tents in luxury built on a strong tent platform Boston MassachusettsBuild your Safari Tent lodge lamost anywhere in the world, invest in your future customers getting as close as they can to natureA luxury safari Tent lets nature in. Build your canvas tent almost anywhere in the world
Luxury Safari tents and being close to nature is a trend here to stay
High ROI - unique experiences - increased demand 

Luxury Safari Tent investment

Setting up your own Lodge or luxury canvas lodge? Luxury and being close to nature is a trend here to stay. This kind of fully equipped accommodation is a sure investment and offers an experience second to none. As a lodge owner join us and build a safari tent that brings nature closer and comfort even closer.

If you can envision it, together we can innovate, create and design a sustainable Safari Tent. Combined with practical furnishings and off grid applications your future lodgers can enjoy a unique experience. Our tents have very little maintenance due to our top notch materials and features.  Global design and building experience for and in almost any weather condition. It is no wonder that a Safari Tents are a great choice.

From an AirBnb Safari Tent to a Large Safari lodge, with our advise you are sure of a profitable investment with a long lifespan. Call us to find out how.

Off grid Luxury safari tent designs include eco friendly consideration
Built with wind resistance, rainfall, UV index and humidity (mold) in mind

What is your choice safari tent?

What is the look and feel of your unique safari tent, luxury tent or safari lodge look like? We have so many options and consider your location specifically when it comes to advice. This is key when designing the best luxury safari tent for you.

Want to Learn More? Let us know how we can help by contacting us.

Insulated safari tent

We are raising the bar of Safari Tent design and manufacture to a better level with our insulated tents. If your location has vast varying summer and winter weather conditions, don't worry. Because of our insulated luxury tents, you'll offer your guests an impressive glamping experience, no matter the season. This way, luxury tent glamping gets an entirely new dimension.

We have introduced a new insulation for the canvas walls and roof.
The canvas walls require two sheets of canvas with the insulation sandwiched and bonded between the two layers.
The roof canvas is a separate roof layer that fits between the canvas roof and the inner ceiling liner.
This new insulation has significantly improved the thermal resistance for hot as well as cold climates.
This insulation also helps to some extent, to lower acoustic distribution
An insulted safari tent  is Luxury close to nature all year round in Nashua New Hampshire
Extra insulation HELPS in Summer and Winter
Handcrafted Luxury Safari tents - Luxury Tent Manufacturer and delivery worlwide
Long lifespan - location specific advice - great quality/price ratio - extensive experience.

Safari Tents - off grid or green

A well deserved holiday in a safari tent that is full of luxury. You could expect that from a 5 star Lodge why not at your property. Perhaps you want Eco-friendly standards and green materials to add to the visitor experience. Off grid and green, we can build that.

With us you can choose rustic, large floor area or maybe a deck over the water. Turnkey projects on a global scale.

Rest assured you are in good hands from the start!

Luxury Safari Tents

We focus on superb Ultra-Luxury Canvas Safari Tents, Cottage Tents, Eco-Lodges and Resort Tents.
Luxury and Glamping Tents handcrafted to make a lagoon lodge
Return on interest and long last relationships

About Luxury Safari Tents

Luxury Safari Tent has successfully grown over the years, predominantly distributing tents throughout the USA, Canada and therefore the Central America. Today we can build globally, so if you need a Safari Tent Lodge set up in South Africa or a retreat safari tent lodge in Bali, we can do that.

We offer unique ultra luxury modern and somewhat different tented accommodation. We work very closely with our customers to develop and check out all your tented requirements in luxury tent living. We pride ourselves within the level of customer service and a spotlight to detail, that we provide from first contact until well after setup.
Luxury Tent Houses will include a bedroom in Lowell Massachusetts
Built with wind resistance, rainfall and bugs in mind

What if I need an insulated safari tent?

Winter is a great time for living in a Safari tent. Get cozy despite the weather outside.

All weather Safari Tents are your best bet, whether, together with your family or circle of friends, we’ve compiled the superb selection of tents for outdoor fun and memorable experiences. Winter weather could also be severe and it's ideal to ask us which structures and materials will keep you warm.

Contact us to see what we can do for your project when you need an insulated safari tent.

Elevated safari tent

We have all had the dream tree house that is a pretend Castle with an elevated look out point. A fortress that is higher than the ground.

Some of the Safari tents that we have built are in locations on a hill or on a large rock. Perhaps it is a Lodge on a lagoon. All of these tents are built on a platform that can be linked to a Fortress type of set up. This is Eco-friendly and gives us a level building field so to speak. Maybe you want a multi level Safari tent set up, we can do that.
Luxury Safari tents designed to last and impress - lagoon safari tents
Elevated or floating, we build both

Luxury Safari Tent

From the vision to fully furnished Luxury Safari Tents. For investments into lodges, Airbnb, holiday tent houses and resort set up.