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Frequently Asked Questions

Safari Tent Materials

Livable Safari tents in luxury built on a strong tent platform Boston Massachusetts

What about the frame?

48.80mm (1.92") steel roof frame (industry standard 38mm). On top of this we use an epoxy paint that has extra rust protection. We also have varying stainless steel for high humidity and marine areas.

What is a shade fly?

A very strong and durable shade cloth designed to protect against UV rays. It is the outermost roof layer. Its function is to protect the PVC fly from the elements and allows for airflow with natural insulation.

What is a PVC fly?

It is a water barrier between the shade fly and canvas body. Its main purpose is to protect the Safari tent from rain and is 100% waterproof.

Canvas specs?

Our canvas has fire retardant, fungal resistance, UV resistance properties. It is a ripstop polyester fabric.

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Luxury Safari Tent

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