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Safari Tent Features

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Tent Frame

We have completely redesigned our entire roof frame using 48.8mm (1.92”) diameter steel tubes to make up the frame, the old frames were made up of 38mm (1.49”) tubes.
The newly designed roof frame is way more robust in terms of rigidity, weight bearing capacity and most importantly, the resistance to wind pressure (speed and gusts).
Each of the center apexes are now interconnected which make it easy now to lift an entire roof frame with fabrics with a crane or hoist. It is also easier with the new frame, to construct the frame on the poles without the use of a crane/hoist and then setting the roof layers in place after the frame is completely connected together.
All poles connect to the apex with heavy duty nuts and bolts making the roof assembly safer and stronger during setup and whilst in use.
We have also introduced the use of outrigger poles with the steel leg option which will further stabilize the tent against wind although the use of wood pole uprights and ring-beams is still the most robust frame support option. The Outriggers basically eliminate the need for wind brace cables but the use of brace lines is an issue which each client should decide upon for themselves.
The fames can be made up from mild regular steel and two grades of stainless steel, 304 and marine grade 316.

Regular Steel Frame Coating

We are now using a new extreme rust resistant epoxy paint to coat the mild steel frames which can be color matched to the canvas.
For normal conditions three coats are applied to the frame but for saline conditions, it is best to dip the frame pipes in an anti-rust primer bath to coat the inside of the tubes and then apply 4 coats of the epoxy paint. This treatment will significantly extend the longevity of the frame (if maintained properly) but will not perform as well as the stainless-steel frames

Shade fly

The outermost shade fly is rated for 90+% shade and is available in a number of colors as well as with the option for fire retardant.
Only some of the shade flys colors are available with the fire-retardant option.

Rain Fly

The rain fly can be made up from 700 GSM PVC or 550 GSM Canvas depending on the climate - for dryer climates, the canvas fly is suggested.
The rain fly is also available in a number of colors as well as with the option for fire retardant.
The rain fly is UV protected.

Canvas Tent Body - This is the actual canvas room

GSM = Grams per square meter (550 GSM = 19.4 Oz per 10.76 ft sq)
Consists of 550 GSM rip-stop canvas which is treated with UV protection, anti-microbial and is waterproof.
The canvas is also available in a number of colors as well as with the option for fire retardant.
There is one canvas option which includes “blockout” which prevents silhouetting through the canvas.
Silhouetting will not occur through this insulated canvas.

Roof Tension

We have also completely redesigned our roof tensioning method which allows for the independent tensioning of the shade and rain flys.
Steel cables are run through the entire perimeter of the roof fly's so that when the fly's are tensioned, the fly's and the perimeter all tension up at the same time instead of only at the frame corner points, together with the new frame design, this allows the fabrics to hang in suspension without making contact with the frame which eliminates chafing and moisture coming into contact between fabric and steel.
The new tension system has allowed us to eliminate the use of webbing straps on the rain fly to bind it to the frame.
The need to tension the tent body poles to the frame with webbing straps has also been eliminated by the use of aluminium alloy springs.
All body poles are now cut to size and are interconnected which also eliminates creases in the canvas wall corners.

Safari Tent Insulation

We have also introduced a new insulation for the canvas walls and roof.
The canvas walls require two sheets of canvas with the insulation sandwiched and bonded between the two layers.
The roof canvas is a separate roof layer that fits between the canvas roof and the inner ceiling liner.
This new insulation has significantly improved the thermal resistance for hot as well as cold climates.
This insulation also helps to some extent, to lower acoustic distribution.

Inner ceiling Liner and Curtains

Our new Polycanvas inner ceiling liner fabric has water resistant and anti-microbial qualities and is stain resistant. It is also easy to wash and is 100% pre-shrunk.
The new inner liners will be fully preshrunk.
Fire retardant is also available as an option.

Standard Windows and Doors

We are now using a very durable graphite coated insect screen which is non-stretch is a finer weave but allows for great visibility from within the tent. The screens also very easy clean.
Standard screened roll-up zip-up windows and doors with canvas window flaps on the inside (new feature) and outside of the tent.
Clear PVC window overlays are also available and are attached to the outside of the screened window with Velcro® and can be rolled up.
The new clear PVC is the highest quality Japanese brand which is UV protected and resistant to scratching, discoloration and opaqueness.


We are now using the best industrial thread available for stitching all of the fabric components
The new thread resists UV, sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather and acid rain.
The thread has a 10-year warranty which allows us to extend the longevity of all stitching but most importantly, the shade fly which is in-itself a sacrificial component.

Ceiling Fan and Light Mounts

Heavy duty fan/light mounts are included for each apex of all tents ordered.
Mounts can be adjusted for height and can support heavy fittings.

Wall Heights

As a standard all tents walls are 2.250mm (88.58”)


Lowest point on eave corners is 1.9m (6.23’)

Luxury Safari Tent

From the vision to fully furnished Luxury Safari Tents. For investments into lodges, Airbnb, holiday tent houses and resort set up.